Rare Stuff

O If you are into music we have quite a bit of ltd,rare and "hard to find" titles on vinyl, cd, box set, promotional items and more all in-store. When they're gone they're gone! 

Memorabilia of all kinds will also be added in the near future...but here's some.....

"Steal it if you want to,it only means that i got there before you-make up your own line in your own time,it's not gonna take a lifetime"

"Who sings the song that sounds like this,don't go putting your head down,this is serious,politicians who do nothin are taking the piss,it's always a story or about themselves"

"How can i talk when you don't listen ,all you do is keep shoutin me down.. down.. down."

"My time... was spent with a little old bottle of wine.... way down in Mexico....hey what you got in your soul.....tell me more...."

"along came a spider and we shot that mofo spider down-what you say?,he ain't gettin near me to get his evil way"

"don't you understand that the first  understanding was all about the intial  understanding that no-one could understand in the first place which caused all the mis understanding of everything in the end"


Please keep checking back or if you are interested in a particular artist/band email us @ info@cooldiscsmusic.com and we will get back to you a.s.a.p.